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Neighboring the capital Vitória, Vila Velha has easy access across the bridge that connects the two cities. It is just 7 km by ES-060. The winds are present year-round. Summer has high rainfall and temperatures, but during the winter the weather is mild and dry. Old village is known for its natural beauty, clean beaches and the good conditions for the practice of water sports. The Costa da Praia offers boardwalk, bike, kiosks, bars and restaurants that guarantee excitement throughout the day and night. The intense public movement is also the mark of Itaparica Beach, point bars and nightclubs. Ideal for families of Coral Beach has natural pools among the coral reefs. The bucolic Ponta da Fruta is quiet and has few waves making it ideal for children, but in the days of hangover is taken by surfers and bodyboarders by. The Jucu Bar meets the surf crowd and throwing fishermen at the end of the afternoon flocks of herons promote a show of nature. With wide strip of sand Itapoã Beach is perfect for playing volleyball and football. Vila Velha owns one of the postcards of the Holy Spirit, The Convent Our Lady of the Rock is one of the oldest religious shrines in Brazil, was built in 1558 atop a hill of 154 meters, the visit is worth at cultural content and the view from above. You can not miss the historical script a past by the Rosary Church, the oldest in the state. As an option for those who want to relax and enjoy a quiet day, there is a selection of hostels, farms and restaurants that offer tourists direct contact with nature and hillbilly food. But those seeking adrenaline doses can not help but go to the Morro do Moreno, there are practiced extreme sports such as hang gliding and paragliding. Pie and moqueca are typical dishes served in local restaurants. Old Town is the first city of the Holy Spirit and the most populous city in the state. All the city's infrastructure and its beautiful inns offer to tourists, which is required for a full of good memories visit.

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