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The village of Trinity, in Paraty, offers next to experience nature. In the city of Paraty, the village of Trinity, in Rio de Janeiro, is the destination of tourists fleeing the hustle and bustle.

Paraty is a town of undeniable beauty, 258 km from the capital of Rio de Janeiro, however, is in the village of Trindade where visitors can enjoy a unique experience, tranquility and rest in a typical fishing village. After arriving at the roundabout of Paraty, to approach the village you have to follow until the clover where heritage begins the 16 km route.

On the way, the visitor crosses the Hill of God-forbid, being that the name comes from the difficulty in going through it in the old days. Today, the path is paved. When in doubt, just stop at the tourist information of the Cairuçu Association, at the beginning of the road. The natives of the region are the caiçaras, receiving tourists with its delicious cuisine and the charming handicrafts. Have the best time to visit the place is always, because paradise will not close its doors.

Village of Trindade is integrated into the National Park of Serra da Bocaina, where among his challenges is to balance the local tourism and environmental preservation. Already its main attractions are the beaches, lush as the Cepilho Beach, which attracts surfers from all over. Diving enthusiasts must already meet the Praia de Fora and Praia dos Ranchos. Both have a beautiful scenery filled with green.

Los Ranchos stands out because it is the ideal place to enjoy the rising of the full moon, on the horizon, in a unique spectacle. It also has bars and the best snacks in the region. Nude fans already can feel at home on the Beach Naked, being that it can reach only after making a trail or by boat.

Another beach with restricted access and, therefore, it is a corner of beauty and peace, especially the waterfall that has, is the Playa Brava, where migrated to nude beach, after the Naked Beach became the Pedra da Figueira, since the sand disappeared and only the rocks is where you can stay. Those who love waterfalls must meet still refreshing Waterfall of Codós, as well as the natural pool formed amid the rocks, Cachadaço, the beach of the same name and where it is possible to practice scuba diving.

Paraty was founded in 1667, when Trinity was already inhabited by Indians. However, in its more recent history is a big test of endurance. In the 1970 1 large corporation based in Luxembourg wanted to transform the region in locker room and luxury condominium, from the expulsion of local residents.

Thanks to the resistance of the population and supporters of the movement, the natives remain in your city and they offer the hostels to tourists, which are in large numbers and thus can receive visitors from all over with lots of comfort. You can also choose between the houses for rent and camping to spend a few days.

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