Vila de Maringá

About Vila de Maringá

The village of Maringá is located on the border of Parque Nacional do Itatiaia, at the top of the Serra da Mantiqueira between the States of Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais and São Paulo.

Is one of the three villages that make up the region of Visconde de Maua.

Region of abundant nature with green in wealthy, is well-known for its crystalline waters forming dozens of streams, and waterfalls.

Thanks to the mild climate, the local cuisine consists of fondues, local food and German too. This diverse cuisine is also attractive to the thousands of tourists who annually pass through there.

The village of Maringá, comprises the largest shopping mall one of the other two, with a greater variety of restaurants, hotels, pubs, inns, shops, and trade.

Itatiaia, RJ
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Oct 22, 2018