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Velha Boipeba offers paradisiacal scenery in the South of Bahia. The town located on the island of Boipeba is the right place for those seeking rest amid beautiful scenery.

The Bahian coast is full of surprises, is the case of Velha Boipeba, located on the island of Boipeba, Cairu, 292 km of Salvador, in the South of Bahia. Although it is a quiet place for tourists who seek rest, access is easy to reach and can be done in different ways. The most common is to use the shipping out of the port of Valencia, the 255 km from the capital, and near Cairu. The boats begin the file to 10:00 and run until the end of the afternoon. The trip lasts 1 hour.

Since we're talking of Bahia, all months are warm and inviting to spend the day on the beaches, but is between December and February the climate is more stable and the chances of rain are smaller. So are the days of sunshine with average temperatures of 30 degrees, allowing boat trips and a lot of fun with the family.

The Velha Boipeba stands out for being on an island that is part of the archipelago of Tinharé, so, on one side is the Atlantic Ocean and the estuary of the river of hell, i.e., it is there where the river and the sea meet. Other points of interest are the coral reefs that stretch along the coast, as well as wide variety of species, such as stars, sea urchins, mollusks and sea turtles.

In addition to the beauties of the estuary and the scripts that exist to admire him, what do includes enjoy very green, as in you can clear away the Atlantic forest, where inhabit foxes, armadillos and other species, in addition to the mangroves and dunes that complete the picture. The locality is situated in the area of environmental preservation of the islands of Tinharé and Boipeba, which ensures that the biodiversity will be preserved for future generations, thus allowing more people can have the privilege of meeting this beautiful nook.

Velha Boipeba is the most important town of the island of Boipeba, being also very visited and where a large part of the population of the place, although there are other villages nearby. The Center deserves a special visit, since that's where are the historical buildings, such as the Jesuit Church of the Holy Spirit, built around 1610. The island was founded in 1537.

Those who want to see it all up close features different hosting options, including, in hostels, which welcome visitors with comfort. The village has all the necessary infrastructure to receive tourists, of which the highlight is the restaurants. In them, the tourists enjoy the typical cuisine of Bahia, among them, the shrimp moqueca and a wide variety of delicious fish.

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