About Urubici

Urubici is between Bom Retiro and San Joaquin in the mountainous region. The distance to whom part of Florianopolis is 170 km by BR-282.

The city is one of the coolest in the country, with the possibility of snow and strong frosts during the winter. The average temperature is 13° C, but days with negative indexes are common in the months of June to August.

The rock formations, waterfalls and caves stimulate tourism. The Hill of the Church is the highest peak with 1,828 meters and offers complete view of the mountains that form the Sierra.

The main postcard is an intriguing work of nature; the Pedra Furada, hollow rock with 30 meters of circumference has access that requires a lot of breath, because it's eight hours of commute between round trip through canyons.

For lovers of free flight, the Oderdeng Hill is home to one of the best ramps in the State with 1,400 meters above sea level and fascinating view. Radical activities is the walk through the 5 km of white Raven, which promises a lot of adrenaline because of its tight turns and steep descents of the precipices.

Waterfalls cannot stand outside the script. The cascade of sipping some good wine impresses with fall 100 metres and conditions practice rappelling and zip line. The bride, with its 25 metres about ripples, is even more beautiful when freezes in the winter.

It is common to see supporters of canoeing the waters the rapids formed by the heels.

It's worth checking out the cave of the River 4 X 4 used previously as indigenous housing, and our Lady of Lourdes Grotto which lies at the foot of a rock where a fillet of clear water that falls at the feet of the Saint.

The restaurants specializing in flavors of farm share space with steakhouses and pizza parlors.

In 1996 was recorded in the lowest temperature of Urubici country. Were -17.8° C -40° C thermal sensation.

The natural beauties are far away from the city centre and has no access so uncomplicated, so it is interesting to use the services of a guide to enjoy the attractions.

Perfect landscapes, comfortable lodgings, outdoor activities and unforgettable experiences are evidence that the journey to Urubici will be amazing.

Urubici, SC
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