About Ubatuba

Ubatuba is a municipality in the State of São Paulo located on the North Coast, more specifically in the Paraíba Valley.

Ubatuba has tropical climate and rainfall regularly presents humid coastal distributed throughout the year. The maximum temperatures reach 38 degrees in the warmer months of summer and minimum of up to 6 degrees in the winter, but annual averages are nice around 25 degrees.

Ubatuba is a sought-after tourist destination by the beaches. There are more than 100 around its coastline.

The main beaches and most sought after by tourists are: Ribeira, Cove, Lazarus, red, Big, Itamambuca, Perequê and Maranduba.

Ubatuba also has two islands: Anchieta island and Ilha das Couves.

Ubatuba is also very famous for water sports. Some beach receive national and international surfing competitions. The candle It is also widely practiced, as propitious winds beaches presents Ubatuba to the sport.

The skateboard is another very practiced sport in the city. In front of the Ubatuba airport is the main track of the city with a series challenging obstacle course for all levels of practitioners. Scattered in the city there are other small clues to the practice of skateboarding.

Other tourist attractions of Ubatuba are nature trails, Whitewater falls, the Tamar project, schooner trips and of course the nightlife agitated.

The typical cuisine of Ubatuba is the Caiçara highlighting the ocean it's a fish stew with banana runt who earns this name the color of the dish that is acquired by oxidation of the fruit when cooked in iron pots. Ubatuba also features wide range of restaurants Brazilian and international cuisine.

Ubatuba won in 1948 the title History.

For tourists there are city offers excellent infrastructure with many options for accommodation in beautiful inns.

Ubatuba, SP
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