R. Pindamonhangaba 94, Itaguá, Ubatuba SP 11680-000BR

Pousada do Tié


About Pousada do Tié

Pousada do Tié lies in Ubatuba-São Paulo-400 metres from the beach of Itaguá and 2 Km from the city centre. The hotel offers outdoor swimming pool, WiFi, Garden, room service, 12:0 am reception, parking and a delicious breakfast.

Feed Sport and Leisure Technology
Breakfast Pool Wireless Internet (WiFi)
    Reception Cellular
Treatment Payment (Claro)
24 Hour Reception Cash Cell Phone Reception (Hi)
    Reception Mobile (TIM)
Comfort and Convenience Policies Cell Phone Reception
Parking Pets (Live)
Parking Uncovered Smoking Allowed Voltage 110V
  Room service  
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User of theFoursquare
February 15, 2016
All very good! Super recommend! [Courtesy ofFoursquare]
User of theKekanto
November 2, 2015
All excellent! Great service by the owners! Healthy breakfast and always freshly baked! He came to Ubatuba to relax? Here the energy is great, everything is based on feng shui. [Courtesy ofKekanto]
October 20, 2014
User of theFoursquare
May 2, 2014
Excellent service. Clean, cozy, friendly owners. Breakfast good. Recommend!! [Courtesy ofFoursquare]
User of theFoursquare
July 9, 2013
Friendly people, comfortable, spotlessly clean toilets and a sensational breakfast! I only have praise. Recommend! [Courtesy ofFoursquare]
1 person found useful
User of theFoursquare
January 24, 2011
Amazing hostel, affectionate, great sheets and incredibly clean, super worth it [Courtesy ofFoursquare]
3 people found helpful
User of theFoursquare
January 24, 2011
Great place, great service, very cozy and great breakfast go back sometimes!! [Courtesy ofFoursquare]
4 people found helpful