About Tocantins

Tocantins is the newest state in Brazil and is located in the northern region of the country. The state of Tocantins was emancipated from the state of Goiás because of the difference in the life of its inhabitants in the northern locations mode (Tocantins) and south (capital Goiânia). The reason was the great development of the southern part of Goiás in industry and agribusiness, while the north of the state did not develop in the same way, because of its distance from the capital and little culture for lack of technology to agricultural crops. So the population of northern Goiás decided to emancipate state rest and October 5, 1988 was came this way the new Brazilian state of Tocantins. The Tocantins climate is dry tropical, with the rainy season from October to feature the month of April, and the drought that occurs from May to September. In Tocantins there are many tourist spots like Jalapão State Park, being the main attraction of the state. Also the Araguaia River, which had seen its margin, offers one of the most beautiful pictures of the sunset. Other places popular with tourists in Tocantins, are the Bananal Island State Park Guangzhou and the Turtle Beach (Fish). The Tocantins cuisine is varied, with a mixture of various indigenous, mining, São Paulo and Portuguese cultures. The predominant dishes are based on fish, and the fish in milk, fish in banana leaf and the fish stew. To visit Tocantins tourists find a wide choice of accommodation in hotels.

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