Tibau do Sul

About Tibau do Sul

Tibau do Sul is a coastal city in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, located south of the capital and it is known for hosting the famous Pipa Beach. The city has grown in tourism when surfers discovered it and began attending its beaches, greatly increasing visitation in place and making Pipa one of the most cosmopolitan of Brazil. The local climate is of average annual temperature of 25,9ºC and in February is the hottest time with 27,2ºC average, perfect weather to enjoy the beauties of Tibau do Sul that offer numerous possibilities of things to do. Tibau do Sul is full of attractions and among them are South Beach Tibau characterized by high cliffs, the Guaraíras lagoon that has mangroves and high tides, beach Chalk and buoy are more deserted and great for surfing, the Cacimbinhas Beach and the main and best known, Pipa that in its more than 10km long home to Lover's Beach, Madeiro Beach, Minas Beach and Dolphin Bay, where you can see these beautiful and docile mammals. Besides the beautiful beaches in Tibau do Sul there are other sights to know which are the Cultural Center of the House of Flour, the Chapadao, the Ecological Sanctuary of Pipa, Morro Old Vicenza and the beautiful dunes. In Tibau do Sul are several places to stay, and its hotels are beautiful places. Many have views of the beautiful beaches. The food on site is varied and the specialty is seafood. In addition to the many restaurants the city has many bars and places that are quite popular Durantes night. The streets are filled with people seeking hear good music ranging from rock, to reggae and electronic music. Also some parties that are organized, as luais that constantly occur on the beaches of Tibau do Sul.

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