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Please carefully read these Terms of Use.

By using the site POUSADINHAS.COM.BR Or any other service related to it, you are expressly conditioned on acceptance of the terms and conditions below.

If you disagree with any of these terms or conditions, please disconnect it and refrain from the use of our platform.

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Section 1.

Reservation of rights and ownership

All rights, titles and interests in or to this site are property of Dubbi Servicos Online Ltda ME . This site is protected by copy right laws ("copyright") in Brazil and internationally.

All brands and names are the property of Dubbi Servicos Online Ltda ME . In particular, our logo and the word "pousadinhas" are registered trademarks.

You may not reproduce, publish, distribute, sell, transfer, and modification of the content, information, or above terms, without the express written authorization of Dubbi Servicos Online Ltda ME . All rights not expressly licensed so also are reserved by Dubbi Servicos Online Ltda ME .

All logos and trademarks of third parties displayed on our platform are the property of their respective owners.

Section 2.

Purpose and use

The POUSADINHAS.COM.BR was created for use by guests, hotels and travel agencies in order to facilitate information, communication, and intermediation of online reservations. It is not our business service management travel or accommodation independently.

To make reservations at establishments contained on this website, you must agree to provide only true and consistent with reality. Use with fraudulent or speculative purposes is a violation of these terms and conditions may suffer the consequences legal action.

Accommodation. Always take all measures in our power to ensure there are no errors or inaccuracies in the information processed by applications and inns. However, the hostel of your choice is responsible for providing the accommodation service.

Cancellation. The cancellation of the reservation can be made at any time directly on the site, and the guest has full autonomy to do so. The effectiveness of the cancellation does not imply partial refund, or full, the amount paid at time of booking. In some cases, the cancellation involves the payment of an additional fine. Both the refund as following cancellation penalty fee according to the rules stipulated by the inn and attend the cancellation schedule presented to the guest review screen before the reservation request.

No Show. Non-attendance ("no show") by the guest entails automatic cancellation of the booking without refund of values, subject to a fine in accordance with the schedule of cancellation.

Reimbursement. Upon cancellation, the refund application is submitted immediately to the payment processing company. However, when this is not possible, in resguardamos with a maximum of 15 days to make this request. There may be a time to elapse between the request and receipt of the refund depends primarily of the payment processing company and to which we have no control. Reimbursement will be made whenever possible in the same payment method used by the guest.

Fine. Upon cancellation, the collection of fines is subject to the payment processing company, occurring automatically. This charge will be made in the same method of payment used by the guest at the time of booking. The impossibility of automatic processing of the fine does not exempt the guest responsibility for your payment. When necessary, our staff will contact you to arrange alternatives. A default by the guest will be subject to recovery by legal means.

Classification. The classification of hotels displayed on the site, as well as assessments, constitute direct reflection or expression of opinion from others who have stayed at these establishments, and are the sole responsibility of the same. The POUSADINHAS.COM.BR reserves to itself the right to omit the text whose content ratings is not appropriate to use offensive language, racist or profanity.

Section 3.

Disclaimer of warranty or liability


Despite all our efforts to ensure that information contained on the website correspond to reality, we do not offer any kind of guarantee about the accuracy, correctness, completeness, timeliness and reliability of data and information.

All data, as well as photographs of inns are listed on the site provided and solely the responsibility of their respective establishments and provided purely for information purposes and illustrative.

Although there is a constant part of our concern to ensure that the travel services listed are according to reasonable standards, the listing of any travel services on the website should not be considered as a recommendation. We are not responsible to you if the travel services do not meet certain goals for you.

The POUSADINHAS.COM.BR provides no guarantee or liability for any damage or injury caused to users, customers, or others accompanying a result of:

  • Technical Problems. We are not responsible for technical impossibility of making reservations, as well as its cancellation, or any damages or losses due to the unavailability of all or part of the site. We can not guarantee that the platform will operate uninterrupted or error free, or that defects will be corrected.
  • Failures on the Internet. Not responsible for failure of servers, providers, or any other service connection and data transmission over the Internet.
  • Action Hackers. Despite ongoing efforts to use technology and keep our platform safe from intrusion, we can not guarantee any action capable and malicious individuals that effect.
  • Fortuitous or event of Force Majeure. We can not be held responsible for fortuitous events such as exemplified, facts of nature, war, fires, floods, storms, unusual, epidemics, strikes, refusal ("lockouts") and the consequences arising out of acts of governmental authority.

The POUSADINHAS.COM.BR also not be liable for indirect damage arising from travel services, including but not limited to:

  • Accidents or Injuries. Not in responsabilisamos for accidents or injuries incurred by guests or their family members, caregivers, and the like, during our stay in hostels. It is the responsibility of travelers to observe the need for specific vaccinations for your destination.
  • Damage to Luggage. Any damage or harm caused to baggage guest or their family members, caregivers, and the like, during the stay are not our responsibility.

In case of problems, we always try to resolve it to minimize any inconvenience arising, however our liability to you shall be limited to the amount paid at time of booking.

Section 4.


You agree to indemnify and hold harmless the site POUSADINHAS.COM.BR And its directors or representatives in respect of losses, liabilities, claims or demands, including attorneys' fees, assigned to you by third parties arising out of use of the site.

Section 5.

Age restriction

The information and services contained within this site have as a prerequisite the full potential of its users, according to Brazilian law, must be over 21 years old.

Section 6.

Privacy policy

Our Privacy Policy is part of these Terms of Use. All details regarding the Privacy Policy can be found here .

Section 7.

Account suspension

Without prejudice to other penalties provided by law in case of violation of these Terms of Use, we may suspend your account temporarily or permanently; prohibiting their access and eventually removing its registry of our platform.

Section 8.


All obligations under these Terms of Use have irrevocably, with you, as well as their representatives and any successors, subject to its completion.

Any tolerance, exercise or partial award POUSADINHAS.COM.BR in the enforcement of one or more of these Terms of Use will always be considered mere liberality, and not configure resignation or loss of any right, power, privilege or prerogative powers, nor imply novation, amendment, compromise, remission, alteration or reduction in terms and conditions arising here.

Section 9.


All policies may be superseded by requirements or obligations imposed by statute, regulation, or legal process.

Section 10.

Changes to the terms of use

If we decide to change our Terms of Use, we will inform you via the website or by other means we deem appropriate so that you become aware of these changes. We reserve the right to modify these Terms of Use at any time.


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