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Sucatinga is a beach in the city of Beberibe. Leaving Fortaleza are 98 km by the EC-040.

The tropical climate prevails the region with high temperatures all year round and rains between January and April.

The rustic fishing village famous for serving as the backdrop for the first edition of The Edge program. Sucatinga is a beautiful beach, quiet and surrounded by dunes and cliffs.

When the tide is low, natural pools form to the delight of swimmers. The raft harbor used by fishermen complete the bucolic landscape.

To be part of the city of Beberibe, it pays to know the region's beaches and explore the charms of the town.

The community restaurants serve tasty seafood at attractive prices.

There are no major tourist facilities, but tourists are welcomed by friendly locals. Sacutinga is an excellent destination for those seeking tranquility and rest in hostels.

Beberibe, CE
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Nov 16, 2018