About Soure

Soure is a city in the state of Pará, and is 80km away from the capital Belém. The city is known as the "Pearl of Marajó" and is the best known city Marajo Island. The city offers tranquility for those seeking rest and also for those seeking a little adventure. Soure has beaches with freshwater and seawater, plus a wide variety of fauna and natural fields. The adventure can be on the trails, water, air and also in Buffalo tours. The climate is typically hot and humid. The beaches in Soure are the Fishing that has in its entire length and has beautiful dunes influence of the Atlantic Ocean, has some points with salt water. In addition there are many coconut trees that are a trademark of the place. It also has the beach Araruna, which is located near an area of ​​mangrove which attracts many tourists, the beach Barra Velha, the beach Mata Hunger, Tombo Cove of Jutaí and more. In Fishing Village visitors can learn more about the lives of the residents of Soure, which besides fishing have herbal medicine as an income source. Historic tours can also be made in its sights as the Church of Our Lady of Nazareth, chapel of St. Joseph, the House of Culture, the Arts and Crafts Centre, the Municipal Market and Cruise. There are many types of restaurants in Soure, with typical foods of Pará, as well as pizza and homemade foods. Lodging options in Soure are found in various forms such as in hotels, hostels and also on farms.

Soure, PA
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