About Setiba

The beach Setiba is considered an ecological paradise. It is located in Guarapari in the state of Espírito Santo. The beach is characterized by its small coves and crystal green waters, typically calm and without waves. Are attractive Setiba its stones, where many people like to jump them to the sea and is also a place where tourists love to fish with rod and enjoy the quiet evenings with the family. Setiba is structured with kiosks, bars, showers and also places to barbecue and enjoy the beach. The meaning of the name is Setiba "Shells in abundance." The beach is one of the Setiba schooners visited sites and it also can be boating, jet skiing and kayaking also. To get to the beach Setiba, should follow the Sun Highway for 12km north of the center of Guarapari. Near Setiba, tourists find options of hotels, inns and also several restaurants.

Guarapari, ES
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Mar 18, 2019