About Sertãozinho

Sertãozinho is a small, cozy town located in the State of São Paulo.

During the year various celebrations take place in the city, such as the Rodeo of Sertãozinho, Festa do Peão de Cruz das Posses, Feira Nacional do Livro de Sertãozinho and the best known among the events, agricultural fair, Fenasucro technology, and sugar.

In addition to the festive events, Sertãozinho has a great cultural movement, taking as an example the National Theatre Show which takes place every year and the Sertanezina Academy of letters.

Another much visited in Sertãozinho is the Ecological Park Gustavo Simioni. The park features tennis courts, sports courts, soccer fields, walking track, bike lanes, parking, wide green area and playground. Admission is free. The Park does not open Mondays and Tuesdays days where maintenance occur.

The city is cut by the Rio Pardo, Ribeirão Preto and Sertãozinho, where the name originated.

Sertãozinho presents a tropical climate of altitude, having a very dry winter with temperatures that can be low.

Sertãozinho is strong in business and tourism events and the city offers excellent infrastructure of hotels and guesthouses.

Sertãozinho, SP
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