About Sergipe

Sergipe is well-known for its long beaches, featured the Atalaia, Aruana, refuge, and Shipwrecked belonging to Aracaju, capital of the State. Also the beach of Pirambu, 30kms North of the capital, which has a base for the preservation of sea turtles.

As tourist option Sergipe is an excellent choice, with an excellent hospitality structure, where the tourist enjoys numerous entertainment options, while experiencing the rich local culture with African influences, Dutch, and Portuguese!

In addition to its beauty, the maritime capital Aracaju has other tourist attractions of weight, like the Christmas tree that is annually assembled on the banks of the Rio Sergipe, and holds the title of biggest Christmas tree made of lights in the world!

The climate of Sergipe is more humid near the coast and semi-arid in the West of the State (caatinga), where the drought can linger for up to a year.

The Sergipe is the smallest Brazilian State, and is located in the northeastern part of the country, on the Atlantic coast. It borders the States of Bahia and Alagoas. The capital of Sergipe is Aracaju.

The town of São Cristóvão was the first capital of Sergipe, and is the fourth oldest city in Brazil. The town contains churches and religious ensembles dating from the colonial period. Most of the monuments are concentrated around the Plaza de San Francisco.

Sergipe agriculture is well developed. In addition, in the State of oil and gas are produced. Moreover, it is known for its arts and crafts. Manufactured products include items of leather, wood, textiles and ceramics.