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Saquarema, in the region of the Lakes, is the National Capital of Surf. On the coast of Rio de Janeiro, Saquarema, is the paradise of the surfers, families and young people in search of fun.

The city of Saquarema is 100 km from the capital Rio de Janeiro State and is located in one of the biggest points of Lake drive. Out of Rio de Janeiro could take the Rio-Niterói bridge, the road Niterói-Manilha and then the RJ-124. Have visitors coming from São Paulo can guarantee access by the BR-116 and RJ-124.

Considered the National Capital of Surf, Saquarema is very sought after by tourists from all over the country, including, in the summer, as it is the period when the Sun does more. However, their natural beauties invite visitors at all times of the year. However, in the cooler months, between May and October, the city of surfers when the waves exceed three metres.

The point of the agito enjoys the privilege of telling both with beaches on the edge of the pond, as well as the beaches overlooking the ocean. For surfers who like to enjoy the sport, Itaúna beach is the most famous and bustling. Who already are with the family and prefers less hype can go to Prainha, quiet, which is next to the Church of our Lady of Nazareth, which attracts many tourists, not only for religious reasons, because next to the building you can enjoy a full view of the coast.

Meanwhile, the most appropriate place for sport fishing is on the beach Jaconé, which has an extensive stretch of sand and is home to many summer houses, as well as the Boqueirão Beach which, apart from strong waves, has a beautiful scenery that brings together rock and very green. To eat well the best place is in the center of the city, called Bacaxá. After experiencing the typical cuisine, including seafood, the tip is to stick out and enjoy the nightlife.

Another tourist spot that guarantees a lot of fun to the script is the Temple of the Rock, where you can see personal objects and check the musical journey through pictures, local host, rock musician Sergei. When it is present, it is possible to listen to many of his stories, including, about his friendship with Janes Joplin and Woodstock Festival.

Saquarema is a younger city compared to others in its surroundings, being founded only in 1841. Before the colonization, it was a large tribe of tamoios which dominated the region, and the pond was called "rufescent Tiger Heron row", referring to the flocks of herons, a species of bird in the site. That's where originates the name of the city.

As to the means of hosting, who travels to the city is a hotel chain rica, with options of Inns and hotels to suit all budgets. However, as the movement of tourists is great in the warmer months, it is best to ensure your stay booked a room with a few weeks notice. Then, just prepare your luggage with a lot of sunscreen and your surfboard!

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