São Thomé das Letras

About São Thomé das Letras

São Thomé das Letras is a city in Minas Gerais which is located at the peak of a mountain of stone in the Mountain range to 1444 meters from sea level. The São Thomé das Letras name originated from a legend about meeting a statue of St. Thomas in a cave by a runaway slave of Baron Alfenas, along with a letter written perfectly (impossible for an illiterate slave). This fact led to the subsequent emancipation of the slave by his owner, who was very impressed by the story of the slave and who also ordered the construction of a church side of that cave that is in it is the center of São Tomé das Letras to today. Are its main attractions Sao Tome cave, the cave Carimbado, the House-of-pyramid, the rock formations, the stone buildings and Shangri-la, Eubiose, Bridal Veil, Paradise Moon and waterfalls. Its center history is listed by the State Institute of Historical and Artistic Heritage of Minas Gerais since 1996. Although adulterated, yet has great cultural and ecological significance. The Church began construction in 1785 and has altarpieces from the rococo period and the liner marked by excellence of colonial painting artist Joaquim José da Nativity. Many believe that São Thomé das Letras is one of the seven chakras (points of input and output power) of the planet, who are currently vibrating at 8 Southern cities Minas. For all these reasons São Thomé attracts all kinds of tourists, mystics, skeptics, exoteric and ufologists. The city also offers several dining options, many inns and ecological activities.

São Thomé das Letras, MG
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