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Saint Sebastian is a seaside resort located on the North coast of São Paulo State.

The temperatures are high in summer, reaching the 40° C and mild in winter, with an average of 20° c.

San Sebastian's main tourist attractions the creations of nature, offers tourists beautiful beaches.

To the practitioners of the surf beach of Maresias is considered peak, since beyond the waves has the excitement of several nightclubs.

The beaches Barra do Sahy, Camburi, Baleia and Paúba are also suitable for the practice of sport.

Another big attraction among tourists is the Ilha das Couves, script right of schooners.

The archipelago of Alcatrazes, considered an ecological sanctuary, has transparent waters with high visibility, ideal for diving. Its islands have great beaches for sea-bathing and is stopping point right of the boats.

As nature route, San Sebastian has crystal clear waterfalls, situated in the middle of the Atlantic forest, which provide great scenery that revitalizes mind and body of their lovers.

For those who prefer cultural destinations, historical, and religious, can visit, the Igreja Matriz de São Sebastião, the sacred art museum, the Museum of the sea and the Convent of Nossa Senhora do Amparo and the Franciscan convent.

Already the historic centre, with its old buildings, now houses bars, restaurants that make up the gastronomic itinerary.

Occupied by Indians Tupinambás before the Portuguese colonization, Saint Sebastian is the oldest town of the North coast of São Paulo.

There are many options in hotels, guesthouses, chalets and camping to accommodate and please the more different types of tourists. Whatever choice Saint Sebastian is sure unforgettable moments whether relaxing or adventure.

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