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About São Pedro

San Pedro is a municipality in the state of São Paulo and is just 190 km from the capital. The tourist city of San Pedro is a quite popular option for tourists from all over the state of São Paulo. Known for its natural and the Serra do Itaqueri, which seems to embrace the city, her beauty is a great option for those seeking direct contact with nature, practice sports and for those who just want a little rest and relaxation. There are several tour options, such as: Arts and Crafts Fair on weekends happens with gifts and souvenirs options; and for those who love to walk outdoors, the Parque Maria Angelica is a good thing. Another tourist attraction is the Christ Park, high in the Sierra, where, at the foot of Christ can avail one of the most beautiful views of the city. For the more adventurous, the waterfalls in the High Sierra is a good option. Also Dorigon Cascade is one of the most beautiful in the city, with fairly easy access, great choice for those looking for less "radical" options. The Grasshopper and the Waterfall Astor, both on the border between the city and the towns of Sprout and Itirapina, asphalted access most of the journey are also well sought after by local tourists. Gustavo Teixeira Museum, close to Cathedral Square, guard treasures in the history of the city and receives several exhibitions, offering visitors a bit of are-pedrense memory and the local culture.

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