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Discover the peace of the pond offers in São Pedro da Aldeia. São Pedro da Aldeia, at Região dos Lagos, Rio de Janeiro, is pure bucolic for supporters of tranquility and nature.

Not everyone likes to shake when you're on vacation or out with the family for a ride. In this case, the tourists who are supporters of destinations that offer real rest won't regret meeting the pastoral beauty of São Pedro da Aldeia, in the region of the Lakes, 135 km from the capital. Access to this corner of peace can be made by BR-101 or by RJ-124.

The Lake is formed by the municipalities that are around the lagoon of Araruama. The tropical climate, typical of the coast of Rio de Janeiro, ensures plenty of sunshine and beach trips to tourists arriving throughout the year, when temperatures are between 24 and 28 degrees. In summer, however, is the ideal time for a refreshing bath in the pond.

The beaches of São Pedro da Aldeia extending into the lagoon, since the city forms one of the arms that frame the water body and that leads to Tucuns Beach Cove, among other geographical beauty. Southwest Beach stands out for its kiosks that offer the typical dishes and the almond trees that complete the picture.

Already those who prefer sports, such as sailing, windsurfing and kitesurfing, will prefer the beach or beach of Tereza Pitória, which are also ideal for diving. Another tip for those who like to snack while enjoying the beauty of the region's Whale beach. São Pedro da Aldeia it also hosts the Serra de Sapiatiba, where is the Parque Estadual da Costa del Sol sports and roadmap of praiano, there is also the historic cultural tourism, which can be done in a visit to the historic centre.

As well as the Jesuit church of St Peter, built on the Foundation of the city, there are other secular buildings, as is the flower House, erected in the 20. Of simple appearance, was an initiative of the local artists who, over the years, they added goals to your decor. Today is national historic heritage. Other tourist attractions are the Museum of Naval Aviation and railway station, once restored, houses the Centre of memory and a video library.

São Pedro da Aldeia has a long story to tell, since it was founded in 1617, as a reflection of the colonization of the capital. Since the Araruama Lagoon is the largest hipersalina in the world, it is worth remembering that the city has seen salt extraction as their main economic activity. In Brazil, the elite Colony became rich with the so-called "white gold", very pure and cheap.

Already in the time of stay, travelers don't have to worry about finding quiet and comfortable inns, because the options are varied. Even so, if the idea is to spend some time in the high season, it is recommended to make a reservation in advance to ensure a place for the whole family.

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