São Miguel do Gostoso

About São Miguel do Gostoso

Center and ten kilometers separate the Christmas capital and the small town of Sao Miguel do Gostoso.

With Sun and wind are present in almost every day of the year, the average temperature is 28° c.

If the goal is rest and forget the stress of the large metropolises, São Miguel do Gostoso is the ideal destination. The great differential of the city is to preserve the culture of the fishermen, the simplicity and the friendly atmosphere. The beaches are beautiful, clean, and practically deserted, since there are no tents, kiosks or restaurants by the sea.

The beach of Santo Cristo is ideal for kitesurfing and Windsurfing, the lamb is quiet, calm waters and has a small lake formed by rain, even though the nearest Xepa and the trades still is almost deserted. Maceió is the farthest from the top of the city, so the more erma.

Worth going to the sand Buggy to Galinhos, fishing village nearby to Good, smaller and more peaceful, but with beauty. The tour ends at the beach of young bulls, considered the most beautiful shelter rock formations, petrified dunes and a lovely sunset.

The gastronomy is based on fish and seafood with the typical Northeastern seasoning.

The only church in the city in a chapel built by a merchant who honored Archangel Michael after he was cured of an illness. Today the old chapel gave place to the current made by residents.

Known as the "corner of the continent", São Miguel do Gostoso and its beaches can be whole known walk. The ' gostosenses ' are kind and very hospitable and convey calm that visitors seek.

The town has infrastructure for tourism with great hostels.

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