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In the region of Vale do Paraíba, São José dos Campos is a municipality in the State of São Paulo in Brazil. Has easy access to the airport from the city or the BR-116. Leaving the capital are about 90 km.

The predominant climate is tropical of altitude with rainy summers and dry winters. The average temperature is 21° c.

The "aviation city" is the aerospace technology pole houses institutes and research departments among other automobile and electronic companies.

Along with the technology, the green areas are huge draw since half of the city consists of environmental preservation areas, mostly in the districts of St. Francis Xavier and Eugênio de Melo who are part of the roadmap of ecotourism.

The Bathed in addition to being the main postcard town, gather in the late afternoon, couples who are waiting for the show sponsored by the beautiful sunset.

During the winter months the scenery makes a special appearance, the morning fog occupies the area from a distance resembles a frozen lake.

The tour options range from water parks and malls, historic buildings and cultural spaces such as the Museum of sacred art, Folklore and the Brazilian Aerospace Memorial.

The nightlife is stirred by pubs and bars offering live music and the houses of electronic music.

A selection of restaurants of various cuisines is available to visitors. The highlight is the redneck cookie delicacy typical of the region, filling of ground meat and is served in portions.

The population keeps the culture that was influenced by bandeirantes that traced the region the paths toward the gold of Minas Gerais and the drovers of the South.

Technologies and charms of nature in one place are the attractions of this beautiful city with many inns to welcome its visitors.

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