São Joaquim

About São Joaquim

The coldest city in the country is located at 230 km from Florianópolis. Located in the planalto serrano lies at an altitude of 1,360 metres.

The annual average temperature in the municipality is only 13° C, but in June, the coldest, the average reaches incredible 10° c. In general the climate is characterized by cool summers and harsh winters with Frost and snow.

In addition to the cold, the quiet São Joaquim is also known for being the best Apple producer Brazil. In April at harvest time the National Party of Apple, where happen shows and are served delicacies prepared fruit base as strudel, cakes, pies, jams, liqueurs, chocolates, teas and jams.

During the winter, especially in the months of June and July, the city is crowded with tourists who want to admire the lakes and waterfalls of the region who come to freeze.

The trees and the Lake of João Ribeiro are also jellied Square forming a backdrop to fill my eyes. Still taking advantage of the low temperatures, the Snow Valley is a great attraction to take the children can have fun on trails through the Woods and perform activities like tree climbing, climbing and zip line.

São Joaquim houses one of the most beautiful wineries of the region that offers guided tours, the tour lasts an hour and a half and passes by you wine production.

Beautiful scenery can be enjoyed in the hills of the River Trail, and the Gazebo of the Araucarias ideal place for family picnics. The Church of Saint John in 1918 also cannot be left out of the script.

In addition to the dishes made with apples, worth trying the rice Carter, the peanut butter cups of pine nuts and the traditional southern barbecue. The city is composed primarily of descendants of Portuguese, German, Italian and Japanese.

San Joaquin hostels provide comfort, well-being, fresh air and contact with nature. Know and enjoy the beauties of São Joaquim is a great way to recharge.

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