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São João da Barra is a municipality of North Fluminense region, with access by the BR-101 and BR-356 highways. It abuts Campos dos Goytacazes and San Francisco Itabapoana. The city has tropical climate. With an average of 25.5 ° C in February is the month of the highest temperatures. However the month of July has the lowest average, 20.4 ° C. Local beaches attract large audience. The busiest is the Grussaí with the same name lagoon is surrounded by bars and kiosks during the summer season is of shows and events scene. The beach Atafona known by the ruins have monazite sands that according to popular belief have therapeutic properties, as well as having the second largest delta of the country that can be explored through boat trips. Among Atafona and Grussaí Hat is the Sun that reportedly healing phenomena and ET sightings are frequent on site. The Lagoon and Iquipari Beach have preserved forest and native fauna, ideal for those wishing to relax and enjoy nature, to nature trails and fishing. Barra do Açu and Salt Lake offer besides tranquility, fossilized colonies and ancient limestone formations of great geological and paleontological importance. As an entertainment option located in the Polo Gastronomic Grussaí Beach waterfront has room consists of kiosks, shops, playgrounds and other facilities that offer leisure and relaxation. The New Balneario in Atafona is surrounded by greenery, with an area for camping, barbecues, courts and soccer field to the fun is guaranteed. Abound options to eat in São João da Barra. Are snack bars and restaurants specializing in Brazilian cuisine, American, seafood and barbecue to please the most varied tastes. The municipality gives the disabled amphibious chairs and walkways to access the beaches of Grussaí and Sun Hat. The diverse options in every aspect and its beautiful hotels make of São João da Barra an ideal destination for all kinds of tourists.

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