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About São Francisco Xavier

St. Francis Xavier is a district of the city of São José dos Campos, in the region of Vale do Paraíba. The small village is in the Mantiqueira range, and has access from the highway SP-050.

Temperatures during summer reach 30° C in these months it rains a lot. During the winter the weather remains dry, with cold nights and temperatures that may not pass of 2° c.

The location of the district promotes ecotourism, for being among the mountains there are many rivers, waterfalls, trails and peaks of altitude. In the urban area there are good restaurants, bars and guesthouses very charming. Much of the vegetation from the Atlantic rainforest and is home to rare species of flora and fauna, as the largest monkey in the Americas, the Muriqui, which can be observed in hiking or strolling through the trails of the region.

Due to the relief there are several waterfalls inviting to swim in its clear waters. The best known is Peter David with 15 meters high, several falls, bridge and infrastructure for visitors.

Waterfalls of Roncador, das Couves, do Turvo, SOAP and Landing complex of the rock are other points of interest that for staying in private properties are charged a fee for visitation.

The trails are the other major local attraction. Among the various options the Muriqui's Lair track, with beautiful scenery, diversity in flora and fauna and waterfall to shower after the walk. The trail Chin Danta has 6 km extension to compensate for the panoramic views of the Valley.

Expert guides on trails, horseback riding, cycling, rafting and other sporting activities are available to visiting St. Francis Xavier.

In the bars and restaurants are served homemade dishes with a touch of Miner mixed with products manufactured in the region as the shiitake, pinion and trout. The night the bars of rustic-chic style shake with concerts of live music.

Because it is surrounded by green mountains, San Francisco Xavier, attracts tourists who seek adventure or just quiet in its beautiful inns..

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