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About Santarém

Santarém is a state of Pará municipality in the northern region of the country. The city is one of the oldest and most culturally rich Amazon region besides has several natural beauties. Rio Tapajós has crystal clear waters and with its extension of 100km, it seems a sea. Santarém has historical, cultural tourism, ecotourism, gastronomy, adventure and also the religious tourism. The natural beauty and the sights are seen and appreciated in the Amazon river meets the Tapajos, in addition to fresh water beaches, waterfalls, archaeological sites, lakes, streams, islands, trails, wildlife and forests. In historical tourism, Santarém has several secular buildings, John Fona Cultural Center guarding Tapajônica Ceramics, a cultural heritage of Santarém. Also the Tapajós National Forest, the Santarém Zoo and the Alter Floor, are extraordinary places to visit in the city. With a great cultural diversity, Santarém stands out in this regard. The Santareno people is the largest cultural element of the city with a mixed breed of Europeans, blacks and Indians. The Sairé party that is celebrated for 300 years, is typical in the city and was created by Indians. Carnival and New Year's Eve in Santarem are also great events taking place in the city. Typical and best-known food in Santarém are the Arapaima of Casaca, the Tacacá, the duck in Tucupi, the Tambaqui, the Macaxeira cake, the Xis Caboquinho which is bread with tucupi and many other delights, with a variety of dishes with tucupi . To stay in Santarém are several hotels that cater very receptive and offer much comfort to the visitors.

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