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Santa Cruz Cabrália is one of the historical cities of Bahia located south of the state on the Discovery Coast region. The municipality dispute with Porto Seguro and Red Crown status have been the site of the landing of the Portuguese discovery of Brazil. Stand out in the city the Church of Our Lady of Conception, built in the seventeenth century, the Town Hall and Jail, which housed the first Quartermaster of Brazil, and even the ruins of a sixteenth-century Jesuit college. Another important building is the Red Crown Lookout which provides a wonderful panoramic view of Santa Cruz de Cabrália. Cabrália is also very popular for its beautiful beaches: Beach Red Crown, Praia da Ponta de Saint Anthony of Arakakaí Beach, Guaiú Beach, Mutari Beach, St. Andrew Beach and the Mogiquiçaba. The boating passing the beaches of the village of Santo André and the coral reefs of High Crown are also other special attractions for tourists. A recent curiosity was choosing Cabrália by the German Football Federation for the construction of a training crento used during the FIFA World Cup 2014 More peaceful than the neighboring Porto Seguro, Santa Cruz Cabrália has excellent infrastructure for tourism with Inns and gastrômica VARIETY and is a great option to know more about the history of Brazil and enjoy in its beautiful beaches.

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