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About Salvaterra

The town of Salvaterra is located on Marajó Island, in the state of Pará. It is the main entry point for the Marajó Island and the smallest municipality in the region. The site gives a natural beauty show in their freshwater beaches, its creeks and their farms. You can see the Buffaloes going with the Cowboys in the fields. In the city is the beach of Good Water, Fisherman's Beach and Praia Grande de Joanes. In Salvaterra is also Ecological Reserve Bacurizal the Forest and Lake mackerel. Salvaterra cultivates pineapples and is one of the tastiest and sweets from Brazil, and has gained the world. The tourism in the city is mostly rural and Salvaterra has restaurants and bars with food, snacks and drinks typical of the region. It is also well structured and has pharmacies, banks, clothing stores and others. In the city exitem great choices of hotels to cater to tourists.

Salvaterra, PA
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Sep 23, 2017