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About Salinópolis

The city of Salisbury in Pará, has beautiful beaches with fine white sands and waters of gray-green color, a result of the sediment load in the Amazon River. The landscape of the region is formed by rivers, streams, beaches, marshes and dunes. Some of the points to be known in Salisbury are Lake Coca Cola, named so because it is sweet, dark and cold water. Other beaches are the Old Lighthouse Beach, Sandpiper Beach, Atalaia Beach, Marieta Beach, Corvina Beach, Fortaleza Beach and more. The Salisbury typical cuisine is typical of Pará, tucupi-based foods like duck in tucupi many fish as Tucunaré, Pirarucu, Tambaqui, Hake, and also the Maniçoba dishes, Caruru, Tacacá, Vatapá and shibe. There are many hotels in Salisbury, for all budgets and tastes, besides the great reception locations offer much comfort.

Salinópolis, PA
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May 26, 2017