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Sabara is the closest capital historic mining town. Has its origin in a camp of pioneers who appeared in the late seventeenth century. The town grew and the parish was created in 1707, it was elevated to town in 1711, with the name of Vila Real de Nossa Senhora da Conceição Sabara. It is the city since 1838. Walking through the historic center, you can follow through narrow cobblestone lanes and tangling with buildings of the eighteenth century. The city offers attractions for tourists seeking to redeem a little of the history of Minas Gerais or support their faith by visiting their churches. The nightlife is also very active, especially in the squares Melo Viana and Santa Rita. Sabara also has many old fountains, with the popularity of Kaquende, built in 1757, on Calle San Pedro, the old commercial center of the city, the Rosary, installed next to the church of the same name in the Square and the Melo Viana Royal Court. One of the striking features of the place is the willingness of its people. Sabara also offers great hotels for tourists visiting the city.

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Jun 20, 2018