Rio Grande do Sul

About Rio Grande do Sul

The state of Rio Grande do Sul, is in the south of Brazil and its capital is Porto Alegre. With extensive option in Rio Grande do Sul tourism sector has beaches on the north coast of Capon of cities in Canoa, Torres and Tramandaí, which are widely known. On the south coast of the state is the Cassino Beach, in Rio Grande and is the largest beach in the world. Another beautiful beaches in Rio Grande do Sul are in São Lourenço do Sul, Pelotas and Tapes. Rio Grande do Sul offers tourism both in winter and in summer, and at Christmas the cities of Canela and lawn are very popular for its beautiful decorations this time of year. During the winter other cities are in high demand, as Caxias do Sul, Sao Jose dos Missing and Cambará, they provide low temperatures and sometimes comes to snow fall, which is the delight of locals and tourists. The canyons of the Fortress and Itaimbezinho, are found in the cities of Caxias do Sul, Sao Jose dos South Absent and Cambará, and are one of the largest in the country. For those who like wine, visit the cities that are part of the well-known "Little Italy", and Bento Gonçalves, Garibaldi and Caxias do Sul. And to taste the candy and see an architecture with great monuments and secular buildings, the place to meet is pellets. Two of the major events that occur in the state are the Oktoberfest celebration of German cultural background, which takes place in several cities Gaucho, and the Grape Festival which is held every two years and in the city of Caxias do Sul. The Rio Grande do Sul has cultural influence of the native peoples, Portuguese, Spanish, African, Azorean, German and Italian. The mate is a typical drink of the state and is made with ground yerba mate and adding hot water, is ready to take on the bowl (bowl made from fruit of the gourd or Cueira). The typical cuisine of the state is the dried beef meat, barbecue, carriage of rice and a little chicken to Primo Canto. In the gaucho bauru and other treats.