Rio Grande do Norte

About Rio Grande do Norte

The state of Rio Grande do Norte is located in northeastern Brazil, and its capital is the city of Natal. Since tourism is the second source of state income, Rio Grande do Norte has many options for tourists take advantage of the very best in the region. The main points are visiting the Fortress of the Magi, the Parque das Dunas, the Craft Center, the Barreira do Inferno Launch Center which is a base of the Brazilian Air Force, and the beautiful beaches are very popular for people around the world as Cunhaú bar and Pipa. Other famous beaches in Rio Grande do Norte are the Ponta Negra Beach, Coastal Highway, Love Beach and Madeiro Beach. The dunes are the Bald Hill, Dunes Rosado and Genipabu. Who likes to swim in crystal clear waters, visit the Porrachos Maracajaú and Porrachos Pirangi. Other very important visitation points and known in Rio Grande do Norte, are the Castle Di Bivar, the City Park Dom Nivaldo Monte, Christmas Historical Center, Planetarium Aluísio Alves, Memorial Hall Museum Krab and the Popular Culture Museum . In the state happen many music festivals like Mada, Mossley Mix, Arena Electric Tibau, food festivals like the Martins and the Winter Festival of Serra de São Bento. The is no shortage of parties and places to meet in Rio Grande do Norte. Five tourism poles were created in the state are: sun / sea / beach: in the Dunes Coast; historical / dunes / desert beaches: the Costa Blanca; Ecotourism: the Serrano; rural / cultural / religious: Seridó; adventure: Wasteland / Trairi. The typical cuisine of the region is among the seafood like fish to Potiguar Fashion, the caranguejada and also the meat of the Sun Potiguar Fashion, the Paçoca Meat Sun, Farofa D'water, String Bean and Tapioca . There are many lodging options in the state and in several places, and you can find a wide variety of hotels across the state in the capital Natal, in nearby towns and beaches.

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