Rio de Janeiro

About Rio de Janeiro

The state of Rio de Janeiro name was given by the Portuguese who arrived in Guanabara Bay made a mistake thinking it was the mouth of a river. And then the first of the year, decided to name the place of Rio de Janeiro. In 1531 was when the Portuguese Martim Afonso de Sousa landed with his fleet in Rio de Janeiro, to start the first state colonization expedition. Among the tribes that inhabited the region were those of janeiro, Coropos, Kayapo, Guarus and Goiás. The earth began to be exploited by the French people, English and Spanish, and Portuguese. They sought to find riches, the main product Brazil wood. The city of Rio de Janeiro was founded on 1 March 1565 by Estacio de Sa, and was among the Dog Face hills and Sugar Loaf. In the year 1567 the city of Rio de Janeiro was transferred to the Castle Hill and has since created the Royal Captaincy of Rio de Janeiro. Today Rio de Janeiro is composed of 92 municipalities and 89 of them have medium to high development, according to the Municipal Development FIRJAN Index (IFDM). The state has many attractions both in the capital and in its coastal cities, which provide attractions throughout the year. Much sought after cities for people who want to know and enjoy the coast of Rio de Janeiro, are Angra dos Reis, Buzios, Paraty, Cabo Frio, Ilha Grande and Rio das Ostras; or the mountainous region of the state as Petropolis and Teresopolis. Those who visit the city of Rio de Janeiro has many tourist places to meet, such as the Botanical Garden, Christ the Redeemer, Sugar Loaf, Municipal Theater, Imperial Quinta da Boa Vista Palace Copacabana Fort and of course its beautiful beaches that attract people all year! Are the best known beach of Ipanema, Leblon, Copacabana, Botafogo among other more. The cariocas is cozy, bohemian, outgoing, people who love being by the sea and samba is the rhythm that touches the whole year. Another strong point of Rio de Janeiro is the taste for funk music. Being in Rio de Janeiro is able to enjoy a beautiful feijoada and also dishes with seafood, which are the strong cuisine throughout the state. Lodging in Rio de Janeiro also abound, there are various options of hotels scattered throughout the state.

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