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Rio das Ostras, RJ, hype and rest in the right measure. The city on the coast of Rio de Janeiro offers quiet beaches ideal for the rest and options for sportsmen and party people.

Rio das Ostras, 170 km from the capital of Rio de Janeiro State, is a democratic place: appeals to visitors who wish to moments of tranquility and tourists seeking fun and hype. Because it's very popular, even in the summer, has easy access, and you can use the BR 101, and then the RJ-162.

Even though the coast from Rio de Janeiro to receive more visitors in the warm months, throughout the year, Rio das Ostras welcomes tourists with a lot of comfort in their hotels and guesthouses and good food. With the typical tropical climate of the coast has warm days and cooler nights, and average temperatures are around 26 degrees.

The beaches are the favorite tourist spots, including the Beach Center, among other attractions, offers tours of banana-boat for those looking for fun and schooner to supporters of the sea. Have the Turtle Beach and the beach of Joana are perfect to gather the family, with a large strip of sand, and while the first account with good infrastructure the second stands out for its green around.

The practitioners of the surf, however, prefer the beach Blue Coast, from where the Iriri lagoon tours, and where's the Outfall, a long Pier to enjoy the scenery. But these are only a few options, since Rio das Ostras has 15 beaches, each with its peculiarities and only one point in common: beautiful scenarios. Another tip is to know the Bird Park, the largest nursery of Latin America, and the lush rocky shores.

In addition to the Waterside, the city itself is very nice and offers wide variety of walks, as the square of the whale, known to House a statue made in bronze of a humpback whale. The historical tourism is also present, with the century-old building House of culture, the Midden archaeological site Museum of Tarioba and the Centennial Centre rail also culture of Lion Rock.

Rio das Ostras is a young city, being emancipated of Casimiro de Abreu in 1992. Still, the stories of the place are ancient and among them the Centennial Figueira, tourist spot that received notoriety because it was where the then Brazilian Emperor Dom Pedro II sat down to rest. The place is famous for offering shade to famous names such as Getúlio Vargas and the Princess Fernanda Beatriz, among others.

Who travels to Rio das Ostras, therefore, has much to do, choosing between historical, cultural itineraries and filled with lots of beach and Sun. The culinary highlight for its delicious fish, besides having the influence on Bahian cuisine. To stay, guesthouses and hotels are open in all months of the year.

Rio das Ostras, RJ
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