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Ravena, who has been called Arraial da Lapa, is a district of the mining town of Sabara distant only 40 miles from Belo Horizonte. Have a quiet and typical rural environment. The name is a tribute to Ravenna Frei Luís de Ravenna, Italian Capuchin top of the shrine of Our Lady of Mercy. Some of its attractions are the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption of the eighteenth century, which in 2010 is in a process of recovery, and the Chapel of Our Lady of the Rosary. Both hold priceless baroque treasure. Ravenna is also known to be one of the largest banana producers in Minas Gerais, handicraft made from straw banana and also the mining culinary delicacies made based on the banana. Ravenna is the foot of the Serra da Piedade and has eco-tourism attractions, restaurants, bars and hotels options to receive tourists.

Sabará, MG
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May 23, 2019