About Raposos

Foxes is a city in Minas Gerais belongs to the Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte. Its estimated population in 2010 was 15,345 inhabitants. The city is surrounded by woodlands and trails leading to ancient springs of streams and streams of crystal clear water as well as waterfalls and natural pools where you can swim, camp and enjoy nature. Historically, the Camp of Raposos developed with the installation of the first mills, with the supply of the first Monjolos for manufacturing cassava flour, and with crops of beans, rice, corn and cane sugar. There are various cultural manifestations and Raposos as Congado the Marujada the Mozambique, Cavalhada, the Shepherdess, Capoeira, the Procession of Souls, Folia de Reis and others who survived thanks to the tradition of raposense people. Foxes is a city of mild temperatures, with well defined due to its location at the bottom of a valley through which flows the Old, the main watercourse of the river stations municipality. The city has become a dormitory town due to its proximity to New Lima and a place of rest on weekends for many families in the state capital.

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Jun 20, 2018