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Prudentópolis is 204 km of Curitiba by BR-277 and BR-376. The land of giant waterfalls is between Ponta Grossa and Guarapuava.

The city's average annual temperature of 18° c. During the winter frosts are severe and frequent.

The city stands out for its natural beauties, as it houses more than a hundred waterfalls with drops that reach almost 200 metres high, these are from the St. John rivers, the ducks, and Madras.

The jump of San Francisco is the largest in the South of Brazil with 196 meters high. The 120 meters of fall of the waterfall of São Sebastião attract practitioners of abseiling and Canyoning.

Can't get out meet the jump Barão do Rio Branco, are 64 meters and greater volume of water; access is by a staircase, with a descent of more than 400 steps. Usually the paths that lead to waterfalls are trails of different levels of difficulty, so be prepared with appropriate clothing, sunscreen, insect repellent and water.

Another attraction of the city part of Ukrainian settlement, which provides various activities and typical parties Prudentópolis of his people. The influences are noted in handicrafts, mainly in the traditional "pêssankas", natural hand-painted eggs.

The city is also known for religiosity of the inhabitants and the large amount of religious temples. The beautiful church of Saint Josaphat has Byzantine style and masses in the Ukrainian language. For those who want to learn more about the history of the colonists and of your country, it is worth visiting the Museum of the Millennium.

Among the typical dishes are the beet base preparations like khrin, and the famous name borcht soup. The highlight is the salami known as Krakow, produced in the region and with incomparable flavor.

Being one of the largest producers of black beans from Brazil, Prudentópolis performs every year the National Party of the Beans in the month of August.

Considered the capital of honey, the small town guard wonders in natural, cultural attractions and great hostels to accommodate tourists.

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