Privacy Policy

last update: July 7, 2015


We the POUSADINHAS.COM.BR take very seriously your privacy. Any personal information collected on our site will be treated with the utmost care.

This Privacy Policy describes the policies and procedures used for the collection, storage, protection, use and disclosure of your personal information. The POUSADINHAS.COM.BR receive your personal information through the services available on our website or through any other means of access to our platform.

When using any of these services, you accept this Privacy Policy. Regardless of where you live or access does, your information may be used by POUSADINHAS.COM.BR in Brazil or any other country in which we are operating.

This Privacy Policy does not apply to other websites which are not part of the platform POUSADINHAS.COM.BR , Even if they are accessed from our website.

We use some services provided by Google and, for this reason, we incorporate by reference theGoogle's privacy policy.

Section 1.

Information that is considered personal

We consider any personal information types of information that can identify an individual directly, or indirectly, in particular reference to a given number or identifier, or through multiple factors of physical, physiological, mental, economic, cultural, social or behavioral specific to this individual.

Section 2.

Personal information that we collect

We store all information and details you provide to us at time of booking or through your account, including your e-mail, phone numbers, address for correspondence, number of documents, and the like. This information is secure on our platform and will only be shared with third parties with your consent or by force of law.

The POUSADINHAS.COM.BR does not store any information from financial nature of their users, for example, credit card numbers. These financial data are received, processed and discarded when payment is submitted directly to the platform POUSADINHAS.COM.BR . In case of outsourced payment solution (as in the case of payment using a PayPal account), encourage our users to read the privacy statements of the company responsible for processing the payment.

In addition to information regarding your reservation or account, we also collect the following types of information:

  • Operating System and Browser. When you access the POUSADINHAS.COM.BR from a computer (or other device to access our platform), we have the freedom to gather information relevant to this device as name, version, language, among other capabilities, for both the operating system and browser used for access.
  • Geolocation and time of your visit. By accessing our platform, we will be collecting your IP address (your computer supplied by your Internet provider), information Geolocation (ie GPS data, depending on the device used for access), as well as the date and time of access.
  • Cookies. We use "cookies" (information peculiar to POUSADINHAS.COM.BR they are stored for a long period of time or indefinite on your computer) to make the site more convenient and easy to use. You can remove or block the use of "cookies" through your browser settings, although this may in some cases make the use of our platform.
  • Use Patterns. We followed some of the activities in which you engage when interacting with POUSADINHAS.COM.BR . This information is collected for statistical purposes and continuous improvement experience provided to our users.

Section 3.

Protecting the personal information of our users

The POUSADINHAS.COM.BR adopts modern techniques of handling and storage designed specifically to protect the personal information of its users, and ensure the integrity of our platform as a whole. Cryptographic algorithms and other safety standards in the market are used to protect our platform unauthorized access.

The servers used by POUSADINHAS.COM.BR may be located in Brazil, the United States or any other country that we deem to be of convenience. You consent to the transfer of your personal data for storage in our platform regardless of their geographic location.

Section 4.

Control and confidentiality of your password

You, as the user POUSADINHAS.COM.BR Is forbidden to disclose or share your password with others. If nevertheless you lose control of your password, or violate the confidentiality of the same deliberate way, you may lose substantial control over your personal information and may be subject to legal action compromising committed in his name. Therefore, if your password has been compromised for any reason, you should immediately change it. This can be done from the page " Minha Conta ". The POUSADINHAS.COM.BR is not responsible for any illegal or improper action that is perpetrated in his name, with your password.

The POUSADINHAS.COM.BR authentication mechanism uses a secure, encrypted connection through. During authentication password is used as the basis for calculating a unique identifier for your account and immediately discarded. Therefore, at any time, your password is exposed or is stored persistently in our platform.

Section 5.

Access to and correction of your personal information

You have the right to access any personal information that can identify you and that is in our power at the time of application. The POUSADINHAS.COM.BR undertakes to provide access to your personal information giving you the opportunity to identify inaccuracies. When commercially viable, we will make the appropriate corrections once notified. Many of the personal information can be modified directly on the site from the page " Minha Conta ".

It is your responsibility to inform and keep updated your contact details (email, telephone and address) to allow the receipt of our communications, whether automatic or not.

Section 6.

Sharing of personal information with third parties

The main purpose of collect and to store your personal information is to perform or expedite the processing of booking flights, authorize the payment and collection, as well as associated services contract. When you make a reservation at POUSADINHAS.COM.BR you consent to sharing of this information with the pousada you chose to stay, as well as the travel agency responsible for the mediation of purchase.

In addition to the aforementioned purposes, the POUSADINHAS.COM.BR do not share personal information of its users with third parties. Except in the following cases:

  • Law and Damage. Allow the sharing of personal information when required by law or when we believe it is necessary to protect our rights in court proceedings.
  • Service Providers. Permit, when necessary, sending and sharing of personal information with companies or individuals hired to perform tasks or provide services on our behalf or at our instruction for the purposes of operation, maintenance, management and development of our platform.
  • Business Transfers. Allow the sharing of personal information if required to the process of merger or reorganization of our business when involving procedures that make use of this information.

Section 7.

Sending the electronic message unsolicited

We the POUSADINHAS.COM.BR we will not bombard you with unwanted promotional offers, although we can send it either occasional email so if we asked for. We will never sell or distribute your e-mail or personal data for unsolicited advertising, be it legal or illegal. You can control which messages you will receive from POUSADINHAS.COM.BR accessing the page " Minha Conta ".

Section 8.

Advertising for remarketing

The POUSADINHAS.COM.BR makes use of a technique called remarketing to improve targeting of our advertising when carried ads on third party websites. In this case, the ads are displayed in sponsored areas clearly demarcated but with variable positioning according to the layout of each site.

The technology behind our remarketing is provided by partner companies, contracted the POUSADINHAS.COM.BR And identification uses cookies to enable the placement of certain advertisements occurs primarily based on previous user visits to our website.

If you wish to disable our ads conveyed to you through remarketing, please contact us by email [email protected] for instructions.

Section 9.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

If we decide to change our Privacy Policy, we will inform you via the website or by other means we deem appropriate so that you become aware of these changes. We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time.


For questions or comments regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us by e-mail [email protected] Or by regular mail at the following address:

Rua Filipe Camarão, 190, Conj. 76
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