Praia Nova Brasília

About Praia Nova Brasília

For those who love nature and also play sports, Nova Brasilia is the ideal beach in Ilha do Mel, located in the Bay of Paranaguá in the state of Paraná. The location is also perfect for those who want to rest and enjoy the view, Nova Brasilia is the main point from which to explore the island. In Nova Brasilia there was an erosion causing the Honey Island was divided into two parts, separating the inner sea and the outer sea. Today 30 meters white dunes unite the two sides of the island. One of the main landing points of the island you can see many fishing boats composing the beach landscape. The beach is structured with charming inns that overlook the sea and the beautiful Serra do Mar that surrounds the island. Also restaurants offering food ranging from seafood to steaks and pasta.

Ilha do Mel, PR
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Feb 21, 2019