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Although membership of Imbituba, Praia do Rosa has access by clover Garopaba, km 274 of BR 101.

The climate is of summers with intense heat and winter temperatures.

Praia do Rosa is one of the 30 most beautiful bays in the world and brings together attributes that appeal to different types of audiences. For surfers waves up to three metres, for those seeking to revitalize the energies corners of tranquillity in the midst of nature.

It is worth visiting the lagoon Ibiraquera, preserved ecology, permanent winds, calm waters that meet the sea, forming a landscape that inspires walks, whether on horseback, bike or even a trail walk.

In the months of August to November the Whale makes the beach nursery in the first months of life of her pups can be seen.

The cuisine is varied, bars and restaurants serve since delicacies prepared with seafood to international cuisine dishes.

Fishing village until the arrival of the surfers hippies in the 70, Praia do Rosa today is choice of many couples to the wedding ceremony because of its incomparable beauty.

The focus on preserving nature reflected in hostels who seek to be sustainable for our guests to enjoy a complete experience of environmental protection.

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