Praia do Morro

About Praia do Morro

The Morro Beach is located in Guarapari and features blue and golden sands sea, taking points where the waters are calmer and others where it has strong waves along its length 3km. It is the most visited city and achieves a more diverse audience it provides activities for those seeking more tranquility and also for those who want to play sports at sea and surfing, windsurfing and bodyboarding. The beach has a boardwalk and has plenty of bars, restaurants and kiosks in its edge that get very busy in high season. It is also well known for having the monument Blue Marlin (fish found in the waters of the Holy Spirit) and also for its Peace Square, which are target places of tourists to take beautiful photographs. On site are also found shops, galleries, bowling and also places where happen shows. Hotels are also found on the beach, well structured settlements and adapted for fine visitors to the beach Mountain.

Guarapari, ES
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Mar 17, 2019