Praia do Farol das Conchas

About Praia do Farol das Conchas

Ilha do Mel, in the state of Paraná, is the Lighthouse beach of the Shells which is a perfect place for those who like to be close to restaurants and local shops. The Lighthouse beach is in the central area of ​​the Island and the Lighthouse of the Shells is in the southern end of the beach and was built by King Pedro II in 1872, still guides browsers entering the bay of Paranaguá. Getting to the Lighthouse of the Shells is necessary to climb a long staircase with 150 steps, but worth it! The reward is the breathtaking view of the island high, being a perfect place for beautiful photographs and quiet moments. The famous "parallel waves" which are considered one of the best in the country take place on the beach of the Lighthouse of the Shells therefore a paradise for surf practitioners. On the beach there are options not only of great restaurants to enjoy the typical local food, mostly seafood, but also hostels options that offer a great hospitality and comfort in this paradise.

Ilha do Mel, PR
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Sep 25, 2018