Praia do Farol S/N, Ilha do Mel, Paranaguá PR 83251-000BR

Pousada Marema


About Pousada Marema

Pousada Maremma, is located amidst the natural exuberance of the Honey Island. The hostel is located across the bay of Paranaguá (30 meters from the beach), in a quiet and nice place and surrounded by beautiful beaches such as Lighthouse, Lemon Tree, Old Beach, Long Beach and Miguel. Included in the daily is a delicious breakfast.

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    Smoking Allowed
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24 Hour Reception Cash Technology
    Wireless Internet (WiFi)
Comfort and Convenience   Voltage 110V
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User of theKekanto
March 24, 2016
We were in 4 friends and we were welcomed in a way kind of sucks The relatively friendly staff and good responsible! Already knew the Island then joined the little that I met with the particulars of them. Is a simple and not very cozy, it's clean and relatively pleasant. Apart from the great location. Has several good ones on the island. [Courtesy ofKekanto]
October 15, 2015
August 31, 2015
August 31, 2015
August 25, 2015
January 3, 2014
February 9, 2013
User of theKekanto
April 9, 2012
Hostel very well structured.
To the left side of the pier New Brasilia, for whom will sense the fortress, on the side facing the continent.
It has 7 rooms, equipped with TV and fan. One of them even with triple bunk bed. All with private bathrooms.
In the total amount still have included breakfast, simple but perfect for a beginning of day ... breads, juices, coffee, milk, curd, sweets, cakes and fruit.
The hostel is very good for the weekend, the couple who meets very hospitable and attentive, always ask if they need anything and there's always a story to listen to them. How to get more "withdrawal" of the busy town centre of the island the quiet night is perfect for relaxing.
Off-season has differentiated value and in high seasons the value can be a bit loud, but all the hostels using this factor to making your day. [Courtesy ofKekanto]
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