About Praia de Pipa

Located in the municipality of Tibau do Sul, state of Rio Grande do Norte, Pipa Beach is very famous and visited by people around the world who seek peace, tranquility and beauty of its beaches. The beach is a tropical paradise that offers a perfect combination between the coast dunes and sedimentary cliffs. Its amazing waves mainly attract surfers and today has also been sought by people who practice kitesurfing sport, for its waves and strong winds. The entire length of Pipa Beach is defined as a protected area of ​​sea turtles. The Pipa is the hottest of the state and is located about 85km away from the capital Natal. On the road from the beach is the largest reserve of regional Atlantic Forest, the Ecological Sanctuary, which has 16 trails open to the public. The Chapadão, which is a cliff of Pipa, is a place where one can enjoy a fantastic view of the sunset. To enjoy the day in Pipa tourists can enjoy the delicious local cuisine in tents beach offering fried cassava, shrimp and oyster broth, many drinks and many other delights. On the main avenue are many restaurants and bars, perfect to enjoy the evening. In restaurants is both the local cuisine, the other as the Mexican and Arabic. Also great ice cream. In addition, the main avenue is where the shopping options. Are a lot of sightseeing options and things to do in Pipa. To get in Pipa and want to use the plane as a means of transport there are two possibilities: the airport Joao Pessoa is there 141km of the spa or the new airport complex Governor Aluízio Alves in São Gonçalo do Amarante, North Rio grande, There are 116km. To get to the car Pipa, you have three options vary according to your starting point. Christmas leaving and take the BR101, buggy along the beach or starting from João Pessoa. To stay in Pipa Beach, abound beautiful inns well decorated and comfortable, giving the visitor moments of tranquility and good hospitality.

Praia de Pipa, RN
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