R. Praia Amor 03, Praia de Pipa, Tibau do Sul RN 59178-000BR

Pousada dos Girassóis


About Pousada dos Girassóis

Pousada dos Sunflowers in Pipa Beach in Tibau do Sul - Rio Grande do Norte - features 2 outdoor pools, a waterfall with children's area and the other with wet bar, restaurant and WiFi in the hotel's restaurant serves dishes. regional and international, as well as snacks and dinner by candlelight for special occasions.

Feed Whirlpool / Jacuzzi Policies
Bar Garden Pets
Breakfast Massage Room Smoking Allowed
Restaurant Steam Sauna  
Treatment Sport and Leisure Laundry
Languages ​​(Spanish) Pool Shuttles
Languages ​​(English)    
24 Hour Reception Payment Technology
  Cash Wireless Internet (WiFi)
Comfort and Convenience   Voltage 220V
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User of theKekanto
June 22, 2016
The hostel is located in the urban area of Pipa, on the corner with the tip of one of the busier streets of Pipa. However, that piece is the most peaceful and quiet, and with the added advantage of being close to pharmacies and grocery stores, as well as from Praia do Amor, one of the best in the district. And with a few minutes of walking in the opposite direction, you reach the bars and restaurants that churn the nightlife pipense.
Has about 20 chalets-I'd say are virtually houses, as have all furnished room (the sofa is a sofa bed), minicozinha with refrigerator and a bathroom on the ground floor, and large suite with Queen bed balcony upstairs.
Among the cottages, a garden filled with palms and other trees, giving a bucolic climate to posada.
The recreation area has two beautiful swimming pools, and the largest has wet bar. Nearby, is the sauna.
The restaurant offers a full breakfast with fruits, breads, candies and even tapioca is made in time, at the request of the guest. Also serves lunch and dinner (apart from daily) from Monday to Saturday. Detail are the marmosets, tamarins or star that always appear to eat leftovers or pieces of fruit offered by the guests.
The pousada staff is polite and helpful. Make reservations for all tours available, and warn promptly there a problem or cancellation, offering alternatives.
Strongly recommend this Inn, which has a daily price very good in low season. [Courtesy ofKekanto]
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User of theKekanto
January 6, 2016
Blog account Sip & Gluttony:


During one of the days of the Sip in the city of Gluttony & Tibau do Sul and Pipa region in the State of Rio Grande do Norte and after enjoy the beautiful beaches and natural landscapes and unique in the region, given that desire to go to a restaurant and eat a hell of a gluttony at dinner.

The choice was the Rest Lounge Bar that is nearby the beach in Pipa and the Pousada dos Girassóis, in a quiet street and little access, especially at night. Recognized as one of the most charming and sophisticated restaurants in town of Pipa, the environment, tidiness and hygiene as a whole, indeed, impressive, and any customer that comes to the site, as you can see from the photos, with tables and comfortable chairs, sofas for home and even outdoor area overlooking the pool of Pousada dos Girassóis.

After several minutes contemplating the Resto-Bar Lounge environment in Pipa, it was time to take a look at the menu of drinks and leaders, starting with the drinks, with customary options of water, juice and soda, in addition to the alcoholic delicacies with shots, cocktails, caipirinhas and caipiroscas, with the latter turning in the price range of 8.00 to 9.00 R$ R$. Fair price, huh? Even more due to the various options of fruit of the Resto-Bar Lounge, which have been the fuel to Sip & gluttony, you requested of watermelon, watermelon with lime, guava, lemon, passion fruit with lime and kiwi, with highlight to the SIP of watermelon and lemon caipirinha which was wonderful!

But back to the Resto-Bar Lounge menu in Pipa, it is also mention about the leaders, with choices of pasta, meat, poultry, fish and seafood, most are for one person and revolve around 30.00 to 50.00 R$ R$. The description of the menu and the ingredients used, the leaders already give and ended up generating a reasonable expectation for the Sip & Gluttony. After a couple of caipirinha, some doubts about what order in terms of leaders and some explanations by the waiter, which provided a very good service.

The choice of the leaders in the Resto-Bar Lounge in Pipa were spaghetti with seafood (shrimp, lobster, fish and Octopus) and fillet on herb butter accompanied by grilled potatoes and rice with cashews. Unfortunately, this second gluttony was not the best, being that it was to be rice with cashew nuts was a simple white rice, for lack of cashew nut itself and that, unfortunately, the waiter just warned at the time that brought the dish, asking numerous excuses on the grounds that the Cook warned only last minute and putting himself at the disposal to change the gluttony. But, as hunger was huge, the Sip & Gluttony just keeping gluttony itself and that, frankly, repented later, because the flavor wasn't anything too much. On the other hand, the seafood pasta was very good and just kind of compensating in a way the meat option, although not "fix" the problem and the median taste. A shame! Next time, the requests will be only of fish and seafood, due to the fact of being in close proximity to the coast.

A few more minutes, enjoying the ambiance of the Lounge Resto-Bar in Pipa and its wonderful caipirinhas, the tiredness began to beat and the Sip & Gluttony decided to withdraw, leaving satisfied with part of what occurred and with some aspects of improvement with regard to the leaders. [Courtesy ofKekanto]
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January 5, 2016
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