Praia de Encantadas

About Praia de Encantadas

Beach Enchanted is a beautiful place for its many natural beauties, and transmit many peace and quiet. Considered one of the most charming places of Ilha do Mel, in the state of Paraná, the place attracts many people in high season time. The beach has a clear strip of sand and the sea clearest waters, with waves a little agitated, providing sports environment to practice water sports and also the bathers a delicious swim. In Charmed is one of the sights of the Honey Island, the Grotto of the Charmed. According to ancient legends, beautiful mermaids were found in the cave when the force of the sea took them to the site. When the sirens go out from there they were owned and sang soft songs that enchanted travelers. So the name of Enchanted Cave. It is worth knowing! Charmed has a great structure to receive tourists with choices of restaurants, bars and inns.

Ilha do Mel, PR
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Mar 18, 2019