Praia da Fortaleza

About Praia da Fortaleza

The beach of Fortaleza, in Ilha do Mel Parana State, is the most secluded beach on the island and to reach it you must walk along the beach from the beach of Brasilia or the beach Charmed, which is a longer route. It is separated from the rest of the island by the Isthmus and is frequented by people who are in search of more tranquility and direct contact with nature, because it is the side that is best preserved of the island and very close to the Ecological Station. The Fortress beach waters are typically calm and a great choice for most tranquil bathing and also to practice less extreme water sports. The Fortress of Our Lady of Joy, which is one of the main attractions of Ilha do Mel, built during the years 1767 and 1770, is located on the beach in Fortaleza. The beach offers restaurants and inns to enjoy the site visitors with comfort and tranquility.

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