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Possession is a district of the city of Petrópolis, located in the far north in the Sierra of the Organs. Leaving from the capital of the state is approximately 110 km by highway BR-040.

The temperatures are mild, typical of the tropical climate of altitude with an average of 22°C

Possession has features that attract people fleeing the hustle and bustle of the big city and seek a haven of tranquility and simplicity in nature.

The mountains invite the tourists to unforgettable adventures. The Jacuba, also known as the Stone of the Elephant, is one of the highest in the region and offers a view of the peaks of Nova Friburgo; the access is made by a trail that passes through chasms and cliffs, which makes the journey much more exciting.

The Stone Juriti is more one of the charms of nature; the top is possible to see a large part of the mountains of Petrópolis, Teresópolis and Freiburg.

In the locality called Brejal, area of agriculture and eco-tourism, is one of the great attractions; the Circuit Paths of the Brejal. The rural walk offers to the lovers of nature, fresh air, tranquility, and access to organic products produced there.

The typical dishes of the mountains as fondues, racletes and meats are the most present in the menus of restaurants.

Some say that the name Possession arose by the fact that the premises once belonged to a family called the Rams, so being a “possession of the Rams”.

To complete the visit the hostels come with rustic-style, but without ceasing to be cozy and charming.

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