Porto Seguro

About Porto Seguro

Porto Seguro is a municipality in the state of Bahia in 1534 that established dispute with Prado and Santa Cruz Cabrália the position of having been the place of arrival of the Portuguese in Brazil in 1500 The city has an extensive coastline -. Approximately 85 km beaches of fine white sand and little pollution - divided by the mouth of the river Buranhém. The city has attractions for all tastes and ages. It is a destination that appeals for ecotourism options, the delights of the local cuisine and also for the fun options of nightlife in the area. Due to the proximity, it is recommended to tourists also visit the beach Mirror, Caraívas, Trancoso, Arraial d'Ajuda and Santa Cruz Cabrália. Besides the beautiful beaches, Porto Seguro also has a rich historic center. The night life of the city begins the Alcohol Catwalk, which is a sidewalk outdoors, without overlooking the sea and surrounded by simple restaurants. By Catwalk, circulates the beverage consumed and very famous in the region that goes by the name Capeta, mixing vodka with guarana powder, condensed milk and addenda to the taste of the bartender. The night always continues the famous beach huts that play all musical styles with traditional preference for Axe. Amid boating, visitations to Indian reservations and other activities typical of the region, the eclectic Porto Seguro offers diverse and varied choices of hotels and inns to house their tourists as well.

Porto Seguro, BA
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