Porto de Galinhas

About Porto de Galinhas

Internationally famous for its natural beauties Porto de Galinhas is located in the municipality of Ipojuca the 60 km from Recife where is the nearest airport.

With hot and humid climate, the city has the tropical air in the Northeast region of Brazil.

Porto de Galinhas has clear waters and warm, natural pools formed between coral reefs, white sand and palm trees, all that close to the edge and away from the excitement of the city.

There are several ways to explore the local charms; beyond the traditional raft ride through the pools, you can venture into dune buggy tours, diving with snorkel or even with cylinder for consideration of several fish. For those who prefer the tours are also available from Jet Sky.

As featured the catamaran (type of vessel), 6:0 hard, taking travelers to Santo Aleixo Island, and extends for up to 8:0 when the route includes visit to Praia dos Carneiros which entertains tourists with the mud bath. The return is done by the river that crosses the marshland.

After enjoying all of these wonders, it pays to go shopping in the village of fishermen and in the shops of the Boardwalk, selling handicrafts of all kinds. For souvenir or as a decoration item is great option.

The restaurants serves up Northeastern cuisine with its traditional salted meat, cassava and beans, for example, in addition to the dishes with fish and seafood. Porto gastronomy, as well as from all over Northeast, is extremely rich in flavors.

Formerly called Puerto Rico, Porto de Galinhas has this name due to the illegal sale of slaves that were advertised as chickens when they arrived at the port.

Special and unforgettable moments are certainties in one of the most famous beaches of Brazil, ideal place to go for two, with family or in a group. The hostels in Porto de Galinhas are numerous and of all levels of comfort.

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